Sweden Stamp Agency in North America

Stamps the whole world waits for --- the Stamps of Sweden!

Ask any serious stamp collector what stands out about the beautiful Stamps of Sweden, and the response will probably be the exquisite engravings and the incomparable artistry. These are the characteristics that endow Sweden's stamps with lasting desirability . . . and make them stamps the whole world waits for.

To ensure outstanding quality of many of Sweden's stamps, the talents of master engravers are called upon to create many of Sweden's beautiful stamps. The resulting superb detail, cleanness of line and exceptional designs make these stamps unsurpassed in all the world. And most of Sweden's stamps are engraved!

Sweden's stamps are made even more desirable and difficult to acquire through its strict policy of printing very small quantities. In fact, Sweden prints only enough stamps to meet the postal needs of its small population.

Now --- as a Standing Order Subscriber --- you can acquire these magnificent stamps conveniently and systematically for just pennies more per issue than you'd pay at any post office in in Sweden. Don't hesitate. Place your order today!

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