Marshall Islands Stamp Center

From the Marshall Islands ... stamps that have come of age!

With the unprecedented 1990 joint issue between the Marshall Islands and the United States, the stamps of the Marshall Islands truly came of age. The joint issue underscores the legitimate popularity which the stamps of this island nation have achieved among collectors in the United States, Europe and around the world.

The fascinating history and pristine beauty of the Marshall Islands, set in more than a million square miles of the Pacific, inspires its stamps. From the first issue in 1984, these miniature works of art have encompassed a striking range of topicality, beauty and interest.

Captured on Marshall Islands' stamps are exotic seashells, brilliant tropical fish, historic windjammers, dramatic World War II scenes and exciting events in outer space reflecting the Marshall Islands' role as an important U.S. tracking station. With such a unique variety of subjects, it's no wonder the Stamps of the Marshall Islands are a delight to collectors the world over.

Now --- as a Standing Order Subscriber --- you can acquire these magnificent stamps conveniently and systematically for just pennies more than the prices you'd pay at any post office in the Marshall Islands. Don't hesitate. Place your order today!

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