New Issue Stamps of Germany

"Simply the Best Stamps in the World."

One look at Germany's stamps will show you why many experts consider this declaration to be true. The excellent printing quality is admired the world over, and each stamp radiates brilliant colors and crisp, clear detail -- the result of painstaking effort by Germany's master designers, who compete in the creation of every stamp.

As a collector you probably already know this, since the reputation of Germany's stamps has spread far and wide. In fact, the superior quality of these beautiful stamps very likely explains why stamp collecting is twice as popular in Germany as it is in America and Canada.

Now easier to get than ever before!

Now you can establish a standing order account with the German Stamp Office in North America to receive all your requirements of Germany's stamps conveniently and systematicaly as they're issued for just pennies more per issue than you'd pay at any post office in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg!

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