R27 (6-10) Priority Rates Set of 5

Issue Date: September 18, 2014

No Picture Available

On September 18, 2014, the Marshall Islands Postal Service issued five new stamps for additional Priority Mail postal rates featuring Seashells. The denominations are $5.75, $5.95, $6.10, $12.65 and $17.90.

Stamps in this Issue

Currency Face Value Stamp Description
US$ 48.35 R27 (6-10) Priority Rates
US$ 5.75 R27-6 Priority Rate
US$ 5.95 R27-7 Priority Rate
US$ 6.10 R27-8 Priority Rate
US$ 12.54 R27-9 Priority Rate
US$ 17.90 R27-10 Priority Rate

What is Available for you to Order

Can be Shipped to Many Countries
Item Description Withdrawal Date Stock
Number (SKU)
US$ Price
Mint Stamp Set of 5 None 4679970
R27-6 $5.75 Mint Stamp None 4679792
R27-7 $5.95 Mint Stamp None 4679806
R27-8 $6.10 Mint Stamp None 4679822
R27-9 $12.65 Mint Stamp None 4679830
R27-10 $17.90 Mint Stamp None 4679857
R27 Full Sheet Set of 5 None 4679989
R27-6 $5.75 Full Sheet None 4679849
R27-7 $5.95 Full Sheet None 4679814
R27-8 $6.10 Full Sheet None 4679865
R27-9 $12.65 Full Sheet None 4679873
R27-10 $17.90 Full Sheet None 4679881

Information about Ordering:

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