C348 Great Scientists

Issue Date: April 23, 2012

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On April 23, 2012, the Marshall Islands Postal Service issues 20 new stamps featuring great scientists of history. History has seen many great scientists who have made priceless contributions to the advancement of mankind, and in 2012 the Republic of the Marshall Islands issued new stamps to honor 20 of the greatest scientists of all: Charles Darwin,William Harvey, Robert Boyle, Johannes Kepler, Thomas Edison, André-Marie Ampère, Michael Faraday, Jöns Jacob Berzelius, James Watt, Galileo Galilei, Andreas Vesalius, Antoine Lavoisier, Dmitry Mendeleyev, Carl Gauss, Isaac Newton, Gregor Mendel, John Dalton, Carl Linnaeus, Robert Fulton, and William Thomson, Baron Kelvin. Darwin, for instance, is famous for his theory of evolution through natural selection, while Edison is best known for inventing the incandescent lightbulb. Newton is remembered for postulating his theory of gravity, and Linnaeus is renowned for developing a system to classify living things.


  • Issue: Great Scientists
  • Face Value: 20 x $.45
  • Issue Date: April 23, 2012
  • Issue Place: Majuro
  • Original Artwork: Ivan Sushchenko
  • Printing Process: Black, cyan, magenta, yellow by offset lithography on unwatermarked gummed paper
  • Printer: Pioneer Printing, Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.A.
  • Stamp Format: Horzontal
  • Stamps Per Sheet: 20
  • Designs per Sheet: 20
  • Overall Sheet Size: 224 mm x 154mm
  • Size of Stamps: 40mm x 31mm
  • Issue Number: C348
  • Stamp Numbers:
    (20-1) Charles darwin
    (20-2) William Harvey
    (20-3) Robert Boyle
    (20-4) Johannes Kepler
    (20-5) Thomas Edison
    (20-6) Andre-Marie Ampere
    (20-7) Michael Faraday
    (20-8) Jons Jacob Berzelius
    (20-9) James Watt
    (20-10) Galileo Galilei
    (20-11) Andreas Vesalius
    (20-12) Antoine Lavoisier(20-13) Dmitry Medeleyev
    (20-14) Carl Gauss
    (20-15) Isaac Newton
    (20-16) Gregor Mendel
    (20-17) John Dalton
    (20-18) Carl Linnaeus
    (20-19) Robert Fulton
    (20-20) William Thomson, Baron Kelvin
  • Withdrawal Date: While supplies last.

    Stamp designs ©2012 Marshall Islands Postal Service Authority. All rights reserved.

    Stamps in this Issue

    Currency Face Value Stamp Description
    US$ 9.00 Great Scientists
    US$ .45 Charles Darwin
    US$ .45 William Harvey
    US$ .45 Robert Boyle
    US$ .45 Johannes Kepler
    US$ .45 Thomas Edison
    US$ .45 Andre-Marie Ampere
    US$ .45 Michael Faraday
    US$ .45 Jons Jacob Berzelius
    US$ .45 James Watt
    US$ .45 Galileo Galilei
    US$ .45 Andreas Vesalius
    US$ .45 Antoine Lavoisier
    US$ .45 Dmitry Mendeleyev
    US$ .45 Carl Gauss
    US$ .45 Isaac Newton
    US$ .45 Gregor Mendel
    US$ .45 John Dalton
    US$ .45 Carl Linnaeus
    US$ .45 Robert Fulton
    US$ .45 William Thomson, Baron Kelvin

    What is Available for you to Order

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    Number (SKU)
    US$ Price
    Se-tenant Sheet of 20 None 4670108
    First Day Cover Set of 4 None 4670779

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