C301 Prehistoric Animals

Issue Date: November 24, 2009

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Towards the end of the Mesozoic Era about 65 million years ago, changes began to take place on Earth, resulting in the growth of mountain ranges and a colder and more arid climate. Swamplands and shallow oceans dried up, hastening the extinction of many reptilian species. These geological and atmospheric changes prepared the way for the next age of history: the Cenozoic Era, also known as the age of mammals. During this era, ancestors of present-day mammals including early elephants, horses and camels originated. Carnivores proliferated and evolved into canine and feline types of animals. While some creatures adapted very well to the changing environment, others could not tolerate the new conditions and migrated to more temperate areas. Those that could not adapt eventually became extinct.


  • Issue: Prehistoric Animals
  • Face Value: 5 x 44¢
  • Issue Date: November 24, 2009
  • Issue Place: Majuro
  • Original Artwork: Don Balke
  • Printing Process: Black, cyan, magenta, yellow by offset lithography on unwatermarked gummed paper
  • Printer: Pioneer Printing, Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.A.
  • Stamp Format: Vertical
  • Stamps Per Sheet: 20
  • Designs per Sheet: 5
  • Overall Sheet Size: 179mm x 184mm
  • Size of Stamps: 31mm x 40mm
  • Issue Number: C301
  • Stamp Numbers:
    (5-1) Mastedon Roaming Prairie
    (5-2) Eohippus Eating Tree Leaves
    (5-3) Mammoth Walking in Snowstorm
    (5-4) Saber-toothed Cat Perched on Rock
    (5-5) Mastodon Mother and Baby Drinking in Marsh
  • Withdrawal Date: While supplies last.

    Stamp designs ©2009 Marshall Islands Postal Service Authority. All rights reserved.

    Stamps in this Issue

    Currency Face Value Stamp Description
    US$ 2.10 Preshistoric Animals
    US$ .44 Mastodon Roaming Prairie
    US$ .44 Eohippus Eatin Tree Leaves
    US$ .44 Mammoth Walking in Snowstorm
    US$ .44 Saber-toothed Cat Perched on Rock
    US$ .44 Mastodon Mother and Baby Drinking in Marsh

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    Number (SKU)
    US$ Price
    Mint Strip of 5 None 4662849
    Mint Sheet of 20 None 4662857
    First Day Cover None No longer available    $4.96

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