R12 Tropical Fish

Issue Date: September 9, 2008

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On September 9, 2008, the Marshall Islands Postal Service issued eight new stamps -- each on its own sheet -- featuring colorful Tropical Fish. The world's tropical waters teem with spectacular marine life whose beauty continually delights those fortunate enough to observe, firsthand, nature's breathtaking display. Many tropical fish and other sea creatures, however, thrive in home aquariums that re-create the natural habitat of tropical marine life. Aquariums are not only enjoyed by hobbyists, but are also useful research tools for marine biologists, who study these amazing creatures for various scientific purposes. It is the clear, tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean, however, that are truly a diver's paradise. Adventurers explore majestic coral reefs as they swim among the various species of exotic tropical fish native to this spectacular marine habitat, including the Banded Butterflyfish, the Damsel,the Pink Skunk Clownfish, the Beau Gregory Damsel, the Porkfish, the Goatfish, the Royal Gramma and the Blue Striped Blenny. Featuring artwork by noted artist Gordon Drummond, the stamps show eight of the most colorful tropical fish found in the world's oceans. Each fish is being issued on its own sheet of 20 stamps.


  • Issue: 12th Regular Series (Tropical Fish)
  • Face Values: $.01, $.03, $.05, $.60, $.61, $.63, $1.00 and $5.00
  • Issue Date: September 9, 2008
  • Issue Place: Majuro
  • Artist: Gordon Drummond
  • Printing Process: Cyan, black, magenta, yellow by offset lithography on unwatermarked gummed paper
  • Printer: Pioneer Printing, Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.A.
  • Stamp Format: Horizontal
  • Stamps per Sheet: 20 (three sheets)
  • Number of Designs per Sheet: 1
  • Overall Sheet Size: 182mm x 150mm
  • Size of Stamps: 39.5mm x 29mm
  • Issue Number: R12 (Twelfth Regular Series).
    (6) Banded Butterflyfish (1¢)
    (7) Damsel (3¢)
    (8) Pink Skunk Clownfish (5¢)
    (9) Beau Gregory Damsel (60¢)
    (10) Porkfish (61¢)
    (11) Goatfish (63¢)
    (12) Royal Gramma ($1.00)
    (13) Blue Striped Blenny ($5.00)
  • Withdrawal Date: While supplies last.
  • Stamp designs ©2008 Marshall Islands Postal Service. All rights reserved.

    Stamps in this Issue

    Currency Face Value Stamp Description
    US$ 1.93 Tropical Fish
    US$ .01 Banded Butterflyfish
    US$ .03 Damsel
    US$ .05 Pink Skunk Clownfish
    US$ .60 Beau Gregory Damsel
    US$ .61 Porkfish
    US$ .63 Goatfish
    US$ 1.00 Royal Gramma
    US$ 5.00 Blue Striped Blenny

    What is Available for you to Order

    Can be Shipped to Many Countries
    Item Description Withdrawal Date Stock
    Number (SKU)
    US$ Price
    5¢ Pink Skunk Clownfish Mint Stamp None 4661958
    60¢ Beau Gregory Damsel Mint Stamp None 4661966
    61¢ Porkfish Mint Stamp None 4661974
    63¢ Goatfish Mint Stamp None 4661982
    $5 Blue Striped Blenny Mint Stamp None 4662008
    60¢ Beau Gregory Damsel Sheet of 20 None 4662067
    61¢ Porkfish Sheet of 20 None 4662075
    63¢ Goatfish Sheet of 20 None 4662083
    $5 Blue Striped Blenny Sheet of 20 None 4662105

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