Split Rock Lighthouse: Art Print by Dennis Lyall

On a site that was chosen because "unusual local magnetic attractions and the impossibility of getting reliable soundings in the neighborhood make navigation difficult in thick weather," is one of America's best-known and most-visited beacons. Perched on a precipitous cliff overlooking Lake Superior, Minnesota's Split Rock Lighthouse projected its beam from 168 feet above water, making it one of the loftiest lights on the Great Lakes. The beacon's construction was due in part to a horrific blizzard that raged across Lake Superior in 1905. Wreaking havoc on the ill-fated boats caught by its gales, the storm destroyed more than 30 vessels and caused dozens of deaths. This catastrophe prompted an improvement of navigational aids on Lake Superior, including the building of the lighthouse on Split Rock. Since there was no road leading to the top of the cliff, construction materials were shipped in and raised to the building site by steam hoist. Completed during the summer of 1910, the lighthouse served Lake Superior navigators well, sending its light out 22 miles across the water. During dense fog, a horn located at the lighthouse sounded every 20 seconds, emitting a deafening blast heard up to five miles away. In 1969, after nearly 60 years of operation, Split Rock Lighthouse was decommissioned and turned over to the state of Minnesota. Today, more than 200,000 visitors annually explore the lighthouse and the 100-acre park surrounding it.

Art Print Size: 10.5 Inches x 12.25 Inches. Each print is hand numbered and limited to just two hundred prints.
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