New World: Art Print by Charles Lundgren

The New World was ceremoniously launched at New York Harbor on September 9, 1846. She was the largest Yankee packet yet to be built and America's very first three-decked merchant ship. This magnificent vessel was in service during the height of European emigration to America. Consequently, the New World spent much of her life transporting a steady stream of weary immigrants from Europe to the "promised land." To contend with demanding schedules and keen competition, the New World had to make fast passages. Although she was not necessarily built for speed, she was built for rough water and could take nearly anything the wild North Atlantic threw her way. As she traveled between New York and European ports of call, be it winter or summer, night or day, the New World set sail in seas that would and did destroy lesser ships. Packet ships were the master shuttles of their time. The New World's extraordinary service of 36 years in the trans-Atlantic trade pays tribute to the master mechanics who wrought of wood so staunch a craft.

Art Print Size: 10.5 Inches x 12.25 Inches. Each print is hand numbered and limited to just two hundred prints.
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