Peacock Butterfly: Art Print by Gordon Benningfield

The Butterfly's extraordinary grace and beauty have caused poets to liken him to a winged flower and a flying gem. Among the Butterflies of the British Isles, none is more deserving of these titles than the Peacock Butterfly. The Peacock's wings are a veritable explosion of color, with patterns as abstract and intriguing as the most imaginative work of art. The lovely insect is named for these distinctive wing markings which resemble the dazzling tail feathers of the proud peacock. Unlike many Butterflies that are in flight only during the warm months of late spring and summer, the beautiful Peacock Butterfly frequently can also be seen flying through the British countryside in the autumn. Even more remarkable, the Peacock hibernates as a fully grown Butterfly, passing the winter months in a hollow tree trunk or the attic of a house. For the most part, it seeks out a dark, quiet place where it can spend the winter months undisturbed. The Peacock's coloration suits him perfectly for this winter seclusion. When he folds his wings, all the breathtaking peacock brightness and beauty are hidden and he becomes a dull brown creature, perfectly concealed against the trunk of a tree or a wooden beam. In this way, nature has perfectly adapted his physical characteristics to his unusual lifestyle. But, although he is concealed for the winter hibernation, when the Peacock Butterfly spreads his wings in flight, he becomes the well-known beauty.

Art Print Size: 10.5 Inches x 12.25 Inches. Each print is hand numbered and limited to just two hundred prints.
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