Mallard Taking Wing: Art Print by Don Balke

Floating on the surface of a still pond, a handsome Mallard dips its bill into calm waters in search of sustenance. Occasionally a tasty morsel lures the hungry waterfowl underwater. To secure such a catch, the Mallard tips forward. This action causes the duck to become partially submerged, sending its tail pointing skyward. However, the Mallard quickly rights itself and continues to inspect the waters for more delectable tidbits. Suddenly, from the marshy woods nearby, the sound of a snapped twig pierces the silence. The wary bird instantly reacts to the noise by erupting into flight. In doing so, the duck extends its wings, revealing a stunning patch of sapphire-blue feathers sparked by narrow bands. Considered the best known and most abundant wild duck in the Northern Hemisphere, the Mallard is believed to be the ancestor of many domestic ducks as well. Known to three continents, this bird has served as an important source of meat, eggs and down for thousands of year. Renowned wildlife artist Don Balke has skillfully captured this familiar creature with painstaking attention to detail.

Art Print Size: 10.5 Inches x 12.25 Inches. Each print is hand numbered and limited to just two hundred prints.
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