Presentation Packs

Stamps don't just mark special occasions, they represent artistic achievements in their own right -- and Presentation Packs are tailor-made to showcase each stamps issue.

Since 1964 Presentation Packs have brought the story behind each stamp issue to life thanks to their perfect combination of expert commentary and detailed illustration.

Each Pack contains a full set of mint stamps, neatly protected by a plastic sleeve, and a pull-out card crammed with useful facts and background information. Accessible and easy to collect and store, it's no surprise that Presentation Packs have also remained highly popular as gifts.

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Your Standing Order will be acknowledged. Shipments will begin with the first issue of 2012 following acceptance of your Standing Order. A small shipping and handling charge is added to each shipment. Items are priced at a modest amount above Face Value or Great Britain's Official Selling prices, converted on the date of sale to equivalent U.S. Dollars.

Information about Ordering:

If you plan to order, you can do it one of two ways:

  • Use Express Shopping: simply click the "Add to Cart" Button. This puts your order in the Express Shopping Cart. When you've finished putting items in your Express Shopping Cart, Go to the Shopping Cart and choose your options from there.
  • To Order by Phone dial TOLL FREE 1-800-443-4225 from throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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