Marshall Islands

2006 Marshall Islands

Here are the Featured Items:

Image Item Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price Express
Standard Number
First Day Cover C247 39¢ Valentine's Day February 14, 2006 4658191 $2.15
First Day Cover C249 39¢ 45th Anniversary of the First Man in Space April 12, 2006 4658345 $2.15
First Day Cover 4658140 Hibiscus Flowers May 2, 2006 4658108 $8.71
First Day Cover C253 Operation Crossroads - Bikini Atoll Set of 3 July 1, 2006 4658779 $8.28
First Day Cover L7 Lewis/Clark Exp.VII Showcard Set of 2 August 24, 2006 4658876 $5.52
First Day Cover C254 Marshallese Culture IV September 22, 2006 4658914 $4.57

Information about Ordering:

If you plan to order any of the above items you can do it any of three ways:

  • Use Express Shopping: Simply click the "Add to Cart" Button for the item you want to order. This puts the item in your Express Shopping Cart, where you can change the quantity or remove it. When you've finished putting items in your Express Shopping Cart, Go to the Shopping Cart and choose your options from there.
  • Use QuickNavigation. You'll want to be sure to write down the following "8-character Order Blank Code": CDSJ-JS01 Also be sure to copy down the Stock Number (SKU) of each item you wish to order.
  • The special icon indicates item can be shipped to many countries in addition to the U.S. and Canada.
  • To Order by Phone dial TOLL FREE 1-307-771-3276 from throughout U.S. and Canada.
  • A Shipping and Handling Charge is added to all orders under this offer (Offer Code:  CDSJ ). For information about how Shipping and Handling is calculated, click here:

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